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Gambling Addiction Affected More Women Than Men In The Last Decade


Addictions and Recovery Stories

Women’s fitness blog brings to you a real-life story of a woman who was affected by gambling addiction. The name has been changed on request to maintain the confidentiality of the case.

Helen was a single mother of two and was near bankrupt when her boyfriend left her after 3 months of living together. She had been hanging out with some friends who kept telling about how quickly gambling could give her all the money she needed to pay her bills. After little thinking, she couldn’t resist the urge to try her luck. In the beginning, she won a good amount which started exciting her and she started risking more money in the greed of getting more. And then the blow came. She started losing more and more money and was doubly in debt. The worry not only started adversely affecting her health but the addiction was so severe by now that she started taking loans and mortgaging her things for gambling. finally, a day came when the sheriff came to her place to arrest her and that day she realized what damage she has already done to her health, relationship with her two little kids and most importantly her own life. The kids were sent to Helen’s parents and Helen was taken to the rehabilitation home for her alcohol and gambling disorders. In rehab, she was taught the importance of fitness for women. Fitness for women has an important role to play in detoxifying the body. women’s fitness blog later confirmed the truth of the matter from the expert of fitness centers pueblo co, a renowned fitness company for women, Mr. Pablo Santorini who owns his gyms in pueblo Colorado and women’ s gym Miami. Mr. Santorini confirmed that the health of a woman determines her confidence and regular exercise regulates the flow of dopamine in the brain.

Helen slowly started recovering and now she is a regular member of loa fitness pueblo co. She thanks loa fitness pueblo co for helping her bringing back to normal life and being a responsible mother. Loa fitness as ever since taught her to take care of her health. Women’s fitness blog and the womens gym Miami was glad to see Helen recovering her health and many like her recovering their health with loa fitness.

Another similar story was that of Ann’s who shared her experiences and advice with the women’s fitness blog.

Ann was a student of a renowned university in the USA. She has been one of those nerdy types all her life with books being her best friends. But when she went to college, she soon made some friends who started taking her to the nearby casinos. Ann quickly became popular for her gambling skills and started liking the attention. But what she failed to notice that gambling had trapped her. She soon started flunking her exams and her health and social life were doomed. Her recovery story was however similar to that of Helens. You can read more inspiring recovery stories on our women’s fitness blog.

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