What’s the secret to a Skinny Summer and a new, healthier you?

Detox isn`t just about buying a cleanse kit at the local health food store. You need a nutrition, exercise and relaxation plan to rid your body of toxins.

Have a Skinny Summer With Our Sizzling Detox Secret!

1. Juice it Away.Try hot water and lemon to start the day. It will make you feel like you are in spa mode for the entire day. Fresh lively enzymes, pure flavors and nutrients galore. For detox, you may want to include these ingredients: lots of ginger, lemon juice, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, milk thistle, cayenne, wheat grass, acai, papaya or pineapple for fresh fruit enzymes, kombucha tea and juiced greens like parsley, spinach, arugula and watercress. The key is to stay hydrated during your detox phase and think of it as an internal bath that will restart your system and motivate your mind too.

2. Dead Cells. Gone. Scrub away the dead skin cells of summer. I find myself brushing my cat’s fur and thick mounds of skin cells, dander and milky hair peel away. Buy a skin exfoliation brush, or get a nice sea salt scrub or sugar scrub. If you are using a brush, skin brush your entire body before you get in the shower-dry skin sloughs off easier than wet. Did you know that 20% of the detox process is done through the largest organ in our bodies, the skin?

3. Live Snacks vs. Dead Snacks. During the summer it is easy to eat a lot of dead salty foods like chips, roasted nuts, salty fried foods and such. Now is the time to put down the dry soy chips or potato crisps and think about snacking on live, raw foods, Raw nuts, fresh fruit, live nut butter spreads, live nut and bean milks, fresh veggie sticks, live juices and seed and nut granola bars. Think low in salt and high in water content and enzymes.

4. Up the intensity at the club. The fact is that cross training and muscle confusion yield better results so why not try a new class like Zumba or Yoga; or hire a personal training to design a new summer program. The idea is to really use your gym membership during the most important season -Summer. Skin is in -during the summer we are playing outdoors in t-shirts, tanks and bathing suits. Add n extra day, an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill, try a new class, hire a personal trainer to kick your detox to an even higher level.

5. Meditate and Relax. Make the conscious effort to schedule time to do nothing. Turn off the cell phone, twitter, texting, facebook etc and just relax. Try to focus on simply slowing down your breathing pattern. Then inhale deeply and exhale completely. This will exercise your lungs and assist in expanding your lung capacity. The fact is we release toxins through elimination, repertory exhalation, exfoliation and sweating.

Now write your grocery list, schedule your extra workouts and start thinking about your next relaxation moment.  So, there you have it-go buy that bikini,– the secret to a Skinny Summer is the 5 step Sizzling Detox plan.