Gambling Addiction Is No Less An Addiction Than Drugs

Like every other addiction, gambling too is an addiction that cripples every aspect of the life of the victim. There are multiple gambling addiction stories that witness the ruining of the social life of a person addicted to gambling. A person affected with gambling disorder has an inevitable urge for various form of gambling. Like an alcoholic or a drug addict forgets about everything and keeps alcohol or drugs on the top of his priority list, similarly, a gambling addict would not think of anything else but gambling and their next move in the game all the time. 3 to 5 in every hundred gamblers are affected by gambling disorder. Around 6% of the college going students in America struggle from a gambling addiction disorder. A simple online search can reveal hundreds gambling addiction stories. Fortunately these days, there are loads of mechanics and limits introduced so that players don’t abuse their right to gamble. It’s sole purpose is here for entertainment and when that is surpassed you shouldn’t indulge in these types of activities anymore. The site we linked promotes responsible gaming, which we praise.

What Causes Gambling Addiction?

The causes of gambling disorder can be many folds. The gambling addiction stories tell us that People usually take to gambling for one or all of the following reasons:

  1. The adrenaline rush that comes along the extreme risks in online gambling can be irresistible
  2. Some people take to online gambling to socialize and have fun without realizing the dire consequences it can bring with it.
  3. Some people like to accept the challenge and beat the house or impress others with their pnline gambling skills
  4. Online gambling has many times been taken as an escape from loneliness and drudgery of life
  5. Some people think of gambling as an easy way of earning real money and take it as a way to quick recovery of their financial losses. The rise of online casinos and mobile casino apps although being legal casinos, and the many casino games and casino bonus that they offer make it easy for people to fall into gambling addiction. The most used marketing tric of online casino sites is the promotion of ‘free spins’ on slots in a form of casino bonuses. When trying to cut down on playing online games, even when the only reason you do so is to earn extra cash, we recommend playing on sites with adjustable responsible gaming features. That way, you can set your spending limits beforehand, and you won’t have to worry about going overboard. Another great trick for saving money is to look for sites that offer free games. If you are interested in one like this, go to the establishment.

Signs Of Gambling Addiction

Like all other addictions, gambling addiction also comes with a plethora of signs and symptoms. However, they are not very easily determined as the victims don’t show any physical signs of intoxication. Here are a few symptoms which should be addressed immediately on suspecting.

  1. Keep it as a secret
  2. Will start having financial problems, borrow money
  3. Don’t have control over their gambling habits
  4. Get irritable at the slightest concern shown by the family
  5. Get anxious if not allowed to gamble
  6. Depression, with insomnia, suicidal thoughts
  7. Other substance abuse
  8. Start having problems in relationship and work
  9. Thinking about new tricks to win money all the time
  10. Compulsive behavior and thoughts towards gambling
  11. Withdrawal symptoms on abstinence
  12. Indulging in criminal activities and dissocializing

Luckily, many online casinos today are aware of gambling addiction, so they have implemented many methods to help you with that directly on their platform. It is pretty obvious that it’s smart for players to play on some of these gaming sites, and that is why we support them wholeheartedly. Visit to find what Canadian online sites have these methods.

Treatment Methods

Many gambling addiction stories reveal that many people have lost a lot of real life money on gambling apps and games. Gambling addiction is treatable but it needs a lot of determination and patience to snap out of it. As most addiction go, the withdrawal symptoms may range from significant to severe. That is why many specialists recommend instead of going cold turkey, to cut down gradually over time. Mobile casino sites like that have options to adjust playtime is perfect for people trying to cut down on gambling. the treatment must include a comprehensive package of :

  • therapy
  • medication
  • support group
  • addiction based treatment that is also used for substance abuse
  • psychodynamics