All of our clubs have Certified Personal Trainers available to instruct you on proper form, provide motivation, and suggest an appropriate workout that will allow you to get results!


Training is offered at an additional fee*, however, if you are new to fitness or just need guidance in achieving your fitness goals, our trainers are with you every step of the way. Our Certified Personal Training staff can help you with the following:


Personal Training:

We offer one-on-one training designed to empower you to reach your goals. Our trainers are equipped with the latest tools and techniques and will inspire you by implementing programs based on your individual needs. By creating a progressively stimulating program you will be motivated to exceed your goals. The experience begins with you!


Group Training:

Our group training program makes personal training more affordable! It’s a budget-friendly way to utilize our trainers expertise and motivation. Training is provided in a group setting and provides a fun and competitive environment for all!


*Personal and group training is offered at an additional fee. Please contact your club for more details.